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5 Reasons why planning ahead should be your new habit

A brand-new year calls for brand-new experiences and fresh memories ahead!

Things must really be exciting as you look forward to another year of great moments you’ll share with your loved ones. What could be most thrilling is how you prepare for the big days. But how much time should you give yourself to plan an event? Does it even matter how late you start?

Planning an event includes many steps and tasks from concept to delivering the event. The best time frame to plan any event is as early as possible. TopShelfTipsy suggests a lead time of as little as 90 to 180 days for certain types of events. Major and larger events need a lot more time because of the volume and complexities of planning, and coordination.

Here are 5 reasons why planning ahead should be your new habit:

1. Cost saving

Everything becomes more expensive the later you book it. As your event nears closer, finding suppliers, caterers and entertainment will become more difficult and more expensive. Your chances of securing suppliers and services at good rates are a lot higher when you plan your event well in advance. Venues and service providers are likely to offer early booking discounts. Planning your event well ahead gives you more time to patiently consider and compare offers.

2. Availability

You wouldn't like to miss out on the best venues suited for your event. No matter what type of event you want to put together, you can be sure that there are plenty of similar events that will need similar venues as you, so whoever manages to book the best venues first will have a much better shot of putting together a successful event. To give yourself the best chance, start making a list of all the things that you need. Getting in quickly to secure the availability of suppliers and service providers will help avoid disappointment. This is especially important if you are organizing an event during peak seasons

3. More Flexibility

Planning an event involves input and coordination from different parties. A good planner expects the best but anticipates things may not always go to plan. Planning ahead will prepare you for any obstacles and challenges and allow you the flexibility to consider other options if necessary.

4. Reduces stress

Event planning can be a stressful job. Stress isn’t always bad but when stress exceeds your ability to cope, it stops being helpful and causes damage to your mind and body. Early planning allows you to have better control of your event project, breaking it down into smaller manageable steps.

Moreover, Planning-ahead gives you a sense of reward that words can’t describe when you accomplish all you set out to do, because a remarkable plan, leads to a remarkable reward.

5. Increased Proactivity

When challenges pop up unexpectedly, without a proper plan, it would be impossible to respond to them. The level of preparedness to solve and fix any situation solely depends on the ability to strongly forecast by being one step ahead of everything because of planning ahead, hence becoming reactive to the situation.

Pulling off a successful event is no easy feat. Juggling different tasks and balancing deadlines, budgets, suppliers, stakeholders, exhibitors, attendees, and venue staff can be stressful. Giving yourself and your events team plenty of time to coordinate will help pull off a great and memorable event.

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