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My name is Ariel I was born and raised in Philadelphia, growing up in the Chestnut Hill area of the city. I have many experiences that have led me into bartending where I have discovered a natural talent and love for bartending. I started my bartending journey by taking mixology courses, and gained experience throughout various bars in the city. I started TST because I wanted to create my own personalized cocktail experience for guests that will leave a lasting impression for them on their big day!

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Our Story

TopShelfTipsy is a bartending service and we believe everyone deserves an extraordinary experience at their big event!


Having to run around and make sure everyone has drinks can be a nightmare. Drinks aren't fresh, there are bottles and cups everywhere, and you haven't even had the time to relax and enjoy yourself.


When your guests come we want them to remember how much of great time they had, how awesome the drinks were, and how friendly the staff was. A great Bartender can provide the perfect atmosphere, to give your event a great jump start and keep the energy going.

We provide the best bartenders because everyone deserves an extraordinary experience and to have a great time!


If you have any questions or want to connect reach out to us!


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